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Realdyme >> Innovation

It all started from a patent on enzyme extraction form wheat bran by micronisation. Micronisation is a mechanical process that reduces particle size and liberate the cell content of the fibre.

The REALDYME® product is born from this know-how. REALDYME® is mostly used in Animal nutrition.

Since then the team has continued to innovate in different applications such as baking, filtration and animal nutrition. This work lead to more than 40 trials and numerous publications. In collaboration with its affiliated company ID FOOD the teal has developed new vegetable fibres and new applications.

In 2002 REALDYME discovered the ability of certain activated fibres to bind mycotoxines. The company has developed this application in animal nutrition and in food liquids. The Company coordinated two European projects (demybe and Adfimax) with the aim to develop a filtration media for selective filtration of Ochratoxine A and of pesticides in wine and beer.